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Let Them GO!!

This is such a powerful podcast as many people believe they deserve unhealthy relationships. They see something in the unhealthy that they relate with, that's why they go back and continue to stay in that place with the leeches. As Matthew 10:14 KJV says, "And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet. ." Heal from the hurricane brewing from within yourself and find a way out of that strom. Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, if God has freed you stay free. Reach those who want to be reached Let them go!!! Blessings

You are a blessing! 💖

Keep doing the Good work. God bless you for this!

Wisdom Speaks!

Highly recommend! This is definitely one of the best Podcast I have heard on self-care, and it is worth sharing!!! Taking care of self is not selfish, but it is wisdom! Mental Health needs is on the uprise, we have to be healthy, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Taking care of self is a necessity!

Self care 😌

The podcast was very soothing and right on the point. I felt very relax and didn't feel alone.


It was amazing. Ma always talking about how she ain't no pastor. 'Just Lorieen, please, I don't like titles.'


I absolutely love the "mini sermons!" They are encouraging, motivating and empowering. I listened one day because I knew I would get what I needed to set the tone for my day. Continue to let Him use you!

Destiny Helpers

This podcast is fire 🔥. Everything that was shared is wonderful. You are so right i have been told no and i sat back to find another way to do things. Thank God for assigning and aligning those destiny helpers. I thank him for the nos or maybe laters because he knew that the soil i was getting ready to plant the idea in was yet hard, not watered, lacking nourishment. So when I had to pause and go back to him the ground became a little softer to till as there gave been things I missed. I thank God for you Woman of God.

I knew you had it in you!!!

It’s about time Lol. Message is to the point flows together encouraged and enlightens. Please keep it up!!!

Inspirational Devotion

Very inspiring. An amazing devotional to get your day started and keep you motivated.

Right on Time

This message came just in time. Thank you, God, for using your servant to minister unto my heart through Your Word. What a Mighty God You are. Lorieen, what a ministry you have here! May God bless you as you bless others through this podcast. I LEAPed!


Very motivating and uplifting! This podcast inspires me in was that’s unexplainable. I look forward to continued greatness from this podcast.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PODCAST!! To be encouraged, inspired, & moved through the Word of God, to feel as If her messages are specifically for ME!! ITS NOT TO LATE, I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME!! THANK YOU FOR LORD FOR THE MESSENGER & MESSAGE!!

Give More Grace

This episode was a reminder to me that many times in our hurt and offence we forget the grace which has been extended to us. After listening to this episode I realize the need to be more intentional and showing grace to others!


Blessed by this podcast. It's my on the go word in the day as I go about my day. It's encouraging and just pure word of God. Thank you Mrs. Henry


AWESOME 🙌🏿 AWESOME!! To hear encouragement with understanding, to feel as if this L.E.A.P. was SPECIFICALLY for ME. Thank God for you Sister!! You're obedience, courage, your time, & His word, His truth & life!! I'm excited & blessed to receive what L.E.A.P. ING has for ME!! Blessings in Jesus name!! GLORY TO GOD

My strength is made perfect in my weakness

It was thought provoking and she challenged us to give a gift that sometimes is unmerited and undeserving. I had to grow to this place as she said we had to put ourselves in the offender shoes. It is some unresolved pain there. I love that part when she said Give them the gift of Christ. Being able to extend an olive branch in harsh conditions. This was empowering.


Inspiring, uplifting, powerfully encouraging! I’ve enjoyed the sessions of the podcast that I’ve heard!

Powerful Message on GRACE

People are interesting we want people to show us compassion z love, kindness when we are in the midst of a storm. We have to be willing to the that same comfort for others. Great message, when I feel my flesh I need to remind myself God gives me brand new grace daily so of he can do that for me I surely can do that for another.


I really enjoyed listening to your Podcast. Very motivational, inspirational and encouraging. Hope to see more.

Excellent, relatable message!

I’m not usually one to listen to pod casts, but I’m so glad I heard this one! When I tell you the story shared about the March encounter has been me on so many occasions, I mean it! This message definitely puts the power of accountability and grace into perspective. I love when I can get an inspirational word without feeling judged and this was just that.